Cumulus Network


Cumulus Linux

Cumulus Linux is the industry's most innovative open network operating system that allows you to automate, customize and scale your data center network like no other.


Cumulus NetQ

Cumulus® NetQ is a highly-scalable, modern, network operations tool set that provides visibility, troubleshooting and lifecycle management of your open networks in real time. NetQ delivers actionable insights and operational intelligence about the health of your data center and campus networks — from the container or host, all the way to the switch and port, enabling a NetDevOps approach. NetQ is the leading network operations tool that utilizes telemetry for deep troubleshooting, visibility and automated workflows from a single GUI interface, reducing maintenance and network downtimes.

NetQ is also available as a secure cloud service making it even easier to install, deploy and scale your network. Leveraging a cloud-based deployment of NetQ offers instant upgrades, zero maintenance and minimizes appliance management efforts.

With the addition of full lifecycle management functionality, NetQ now combines the ability to easily upgrade, configure and deploy network elements with a full suite of operations capabilities, such as visibility, troubleshooting, validation, trace and comparative look-back functionality.