EonStor DS

EonStor DS Family

Enterprises require storage systems that enable continuous productivity and uninterrupted service. EonStor DS products deliver great performance with high reliability and availability. And now with the EonStor DS 3000 series, modular design offers even better protection against downtime while making future upgrades easy, especially thanks to swappable host boards. With up to 4U 60-bay models available and support for as many as 360 drives, EonStor DS systems meet enterprise needs with user-friendly interfaces and data services such as smart media scan and free thin provisioning.  

Product Choices:

  • 1000 Series : Fully-fledged powerful and reliable enterprise storage for SMB.
  • 3000 Series: Fully-featured systems with modular host boards for high performance SAN/DAS applications
  • FC-host Series: Designed to help SMB users deploy high-availability FC SANs with outstanding price-performance and advanced data services
  • iSCSI-host Series: Designed to help SMB users leverage their existing investments in IP networks to implement high-availability iSCSI SANs featuring advanced data services
  • SAS-host Series: Designed to help SMB users implement high-reliability DAS storage solutions with outstanding throughput and advanced data services
  • Expansion Enclosures: Add capacity quickly and easily to meet growing storage demand

* Models vary by region